MSA - A1.1 - Lesson 4

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Marhaba! Welcome to Levantine Online.

Learn Modern Standard Arabic from the comfort of your home with our online Arabic classes.

This is lesson 4 of our A1.1 courses for the Modern Standard Arabic program.

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This lesson will teach you how to speak Arabic with the locals.

Improve your Arabic listening and comprehension skills using our various recordings of typical Arabic dialogues and conversations.

Learn how to start up a conversation in Arabic no matter where you are — At school, In the taxi, at the restaurants, at a coffee shop and even in a classroom.

This lesson is exactly what you need to begin speaking Arabic quickly and fluently.

Listening exercises


Lesson details



- Recordings of dialogues

- Connected pronouns.

- Prepositions.

- Demonstrative pronouns.

- The present perfect tense

- The Imperfect Tense (indicates present or future Tense)

- Types of sentences.

- At school.

- Basic expressions.

- In the taxi.

- In the restaurant.

- In class.

- "Mona and Nader" dialogue in the street.

- The human body.

- Sarah's text.

Conversations and Dialogues


-Practicing conversing with others by acquiring new vocabulary and expressions from the various existing dialogues: At school - In the taxi - At the restaurant - In the classroom.

-Practice hearing comprehension by listening to audio recordings and video clips.

-Identifying the parts of the human body.

-Learning to introduce yourself in a simple manner.

-Learning about some basic grammar: connected pronouns - prepositions - nouns - past tense / present tense – sentence types

Date & Time
April 5, 2021
Start - 6:00 PM
May 3, 2021
End - 9:00 PM Asia/Beirut

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Levantine Institute of Tripoli , Azmi Beik, North Governorate
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